The Government for National Unity and Transformation (GNUT) is in
solidarity and is fully dedicated to lead the Government.

With a total of 29 Members of Parliament –Elect, this formation is based
on the strong commitment to serve the people of this nation.
Wing Leaders of People First Party, Kadere Party and OUR Party have
signed a coalition agreement this week to serve in the 12 th Parliament
and in the best interest of Solomon Islands and its citizens.
The coalition agreement was signed by Caretaker Prime Minister Hon.
Manasseh Sogavare, Caretaker Deputy Prime Minister Hon.Manasseh
Maelanga, Wing Leader of People First Party Hon. Frederick Koloqeto,
and Wing Leader for Kadere Party Hon. Jamie Vokia .
Members of the coalition reiterated that the interest of the country and
the people of Solomon Islands is fundamental and will always be at the

The coalition is also committed to work together with other stakeholders
and foreign partners under the “Friend to all, enemy to none”foreign
Members of the coalition believe in positive progress as the way forward
towards nation- building and economic empowerment.
The coalition believes in national stability, peace and progress for
economic growth and advancement.

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